Joe Communications satisfies the need amongst international B2B enterprises for senior branding, marketing and communications services. Always delivered with personal attention to detail, on time and on budget. We offer hands-on support and senior counsel for resolving a range of strategic business, sales and brand development issues. Help create action-oriented internal implementation, training and alignment processes and tactics. And secure external activation through inspiring, data-based communications and campaigns. Everything impacts results.

You can count on Joe Communications to act as a trusted partner that will understand your goals, simplify their realization through tactical operations and deliver communications that meet objectives and results efficiently.

This is what we do. How can Joe help you?



I have over 20 years daily, hands-on experience in supporting hundreds of highly effective B2B assignments. Which means I’ve had the good fortune to have worked with and for many highly talented people — both clients and colleagues — employed at top-rated B2B brands in Sweden and the USA.

I have learned how to effectively manage a broad range of activities for business and brand development as well as tactical sales, marketing and lead generation assignments. Joe Communications works with the types of assignments listed below.

Situation analysis

Answers: “Where we are now and where to play?”. This review results in agreement and definition of your core business and brand assets today. As well as trends impacting the business arena.

Opportunity analysis

Answers: “What's our reward for acting?``. Brand and business development in the form of a guiding document. Its aim is to convey clear facts and thinking to determine the potential rewards of pursuing a specific opportunity.

Intentions, objectives and KPIs

Answers: “Where to go, who’s responsible, by when and how to track?”. This formally defines KPIs and overall goals for sales or business, brand or marketing development initiatives.

Organic growth strategy

Answers: ``How can we increase organic growth activities?``. Stimulating organic growth requires continually improving lead generation, customer acquisition, operational and brand building process. Get more from these and you'll boost your bottom line and performance.

B2B lead generation strategy

Answers: ``Whom and where to find prospective customers — and how to influence their decision-making processes?`` While there is no such thing as an average B2B customer, developing a lead nurturing strategy to identify and acquire the right customers for you business is step one in revenue generation.

B2B customer journey maps

Answers: ``What drives preference and loyalty amongst your B2B customers? And how to deliver the right content and support to influence them?`` Helps you deliver on the value drivers and deliver the breadth of data and information individual prospects use as guides in moving forward in their purchasing and loyalty decisions. By filling in B2B journey maps, you create a set of clear framework for marketing and sales teams on how and when to interact with leads.

Business and brand development strategy

Answers: ``Our vision and how to reach it?``. The strategic framework for developing a business and brand - in sync with a tactical sales and marketing roadmap.

Marketing action plans

Answers: who does what, when and how in a sales and marketing effort. The sales and marketing approach to achieve results — clearly defined with tasks, roles and responsibilities. As well as key activities, tools, timing, budgets, timeframes and communications.

Change management
action plans

Answers: how to enable change in teams and organizations to enable the transition from a current state to a desired future. Change is inevitable in business. Those who do it best survive. These projects are about creating an internal climate for change, engaging the entire organization to make it happen everyday as well as implementing and sustaining alignment procesess.

B2B lead nurturing

Answers: “how to build relationships with prospects throughout their decision-making processes.” It’s about systematically qualifying a lead by transforming low levels of interest into consideration and trial, then connecting a sales-ready prospect to a prepared sales rep. It calls delivering the right content, at the right time, to the right prospect — continually helping prospects gain deeper levels of interest, confidence and certainty in your offering and brand.

B2B content marketing copywriting

Answers: ``how to produce high-quality, unique content from your thought leader or subject matter experts — and deliver content adapted to desired communications form.” This is ideal for B2B marketers that struggle to deliver hcontent from their own internal busy sources. First, we interview your experts on high value topics. Then we develop, approve and publish content assets via whitepapers, trend reports, case stories, email and blog posts, videos, infographics or social media blasts. All of which helps you prove your thought leadership and value delivery stories.

B2B content marketing planning

Answers: ``how to develop and deliver high performance content for B2B customers.`` Content marketing planning is about determining the topics your core audiences find relevant and important, managing your teams to source and produce fresh, high-value content pieces — then distributing content in preferred forms and channels, at their preferred times. It also covers how to regularly update all your sites so that you feed those hungry search engine spiders with SEO-optimized content. As well as how to monitor performance.

Brand structure and identity

Answers: ``The right naming structure and identity for your business?``. Great brand identity and design starts with establishing a clear, relevant structure to support your business. Substance and style in sync.

Brand promise & delivery

Answers: “How we act and what we say?`` It's about knowing how to express your business's unique value propositions — as well as reinforcing and strengthening perceptions everyday through authentic actions.

Core communications concept

Answers: “how to express a brand’s unique communications concept and story through both actions and communication.” It’s about amplifying image and the attitude a brand projects through consistency, continuity and integration of actions communications. Its contains such elements as a core theme and story of a brand, how to customize keywords and messaging to various stakeholders as well ready-to-use boilerplates for consistent tone-of-voice.

Brand platform

Answers: what a brand and its employees should do, say and deliver to act in unison to make a brand the most respected and trusted in its market arena. The brand platform sets out guidelines and fundamental standards for our business development, marketing, communications and brand building efforts as well as other activities aimed at generating preference for and loyalty .

Lead & sales generation campaigns

Answers: how to generate high-quality leads, engage prospects and deliver ROI for specific offerings. It's about aligning sales and marketing functions on when a prospect is a high quality lead. And which activities each function can use to convert leads into customers.

Value-based sales support

Answers: how to support customer-facing representatives in selling on the value a brand delivers. The focus is to understand and leverage high-perceived value in customer interactions, instead of focusing on product and pricing performance.

Website creation & development

Answers: what should our online presence be like? Effective websites start by synching the logistical, sales, marketing and other key business needs to a clear information architecture and user experiences. Together with partners, we help develop and launch websites with relevant functions and content, optimized keyword, search engine and inbound link acquisition performance as well as ongoing monitoring and reporting analysis of key website metrics.

Integrated marketing communications

Answers: how to incorporate the most appropriate communication forms and channels into a cost-effective whole to attain specific goals and budgets. It's about ensuring the right individual communications are developed and will reinforce — or reinforced by — all other marketing communications.

Performance monitoring and analysis

Answers: “how to assess if your marketing and branding efforts are achieving desired results and where enhancements can be made.” Data-driven marketing improves life for marketers who are able demonstrate results. Today’s digital tools simplify analysis of both lead generation and brand building efforts. We help you link key performance indicators (KPIs) to specific goals, establish the right metrics to measure, use real-time tools for analytics and assess how everything is working.


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Our core project management methodology is a well-proven, straightforward step-by-step process that can be adapted to suit any assignment.
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  • Strategy guide

  • Core concept & communications

  • Implement & promote

  • Track & improve

More Facts

Project definition, evaluation & validation

  • Review project scope, challenges, opportunities and goals
  • Evaluate or support performing business intelligence studies — i.e. market research, trend analyses, market opportunity analysis, etc.
  • Run internal workshops with client team members to understand strategic and tactical implications, scenario planning, project status and group dynamics.
  • Validate externally to test assumptions and understand customer and other external stakeholders views and validate.

Strategy guide

  • Deliver an overview of the project strategy, intentions, objectives and KPIs.
  • Detail the strategic approach in terms of offering, branding, market arena, segmentation, differentiation, positioning, customer value, awareness and expectations.
  • Outline relevant observations, conclusions and recommendations regarding tactical implementation and deployment.

Core concept & communications

  • Deliver a core marketing concept and integrated communications plan that outlines suitable marketing tactics and channels for internal and external audiences.
  • Deliver a core marketing concept and integrated communications plan that outlines suitable marketing tactics and channels for internal and external audiences.
  • Outline creative concept, key messaging for audiences, lead generation and journey maps and key content types.
  • Develop content in the most appropriate digital, face-to-face or printed media.

More Facts

Implement & promote

  • Secure internal implementation and alignment by ensuring teams, processes and procedures are in place.
  • Help ambassadors implement the project strategy into the company’s local culture in any region.
  • Provide sufficient training and support.
  • Empower sales and customer-facing teams are with effective tools.
  • Support sharing workflow best practice story-telling and continuous improvement.
  • Launch external marketing activities.
  • Deliver integrated marketing communications material and  content in the most appropriate digital, face-to-face or printed media.

Track and improve

  • Evaluate externally against relevant project KPIs, i.e.: leads, sales, loyalty, alignment, satisfaction, attitudinal changes, etc.
  • Evaluate internally against implementation actions and deviations against expectations to ascertain actual results.
  • Define new standards for how the organization should act going forward and means to improve results.

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