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06 Apr
This website is under construction

Joe Communications website is under construction. We're hand-crafting every detail in the rebuild. Our aim is to fresh content available regularly....

29 Sep
96% in seven months

Joe Communications has reached 96% of its forecasted first-year sales in seven months! Thanks to all my clients for the fast, furious and fun start. Clients include: Tetra Pak Vergic Panduro Hobby Ecophon Danfoss Swedish Health Care Symbal Bysted W   Joe Communications is an independent b2b brand development and marketing consultancy started in 2013 that aims...

23 Mar
Avoid “What’s the difference?”

How do you stop customers from thinking “What’s the difference"? Here are some thoughts about how to lead your category and highlight differences that matter...

20 Dec
M&A from a brand development perspective

“If you can't beat 'em, join 'em”. That proverb effectively describes the majority of merger and acquisition (M&A) activities. In reality, M&A is in-market consolidation. Not only in the sense that two former enemies now join forces. But from a customer perspective, the M&A means...

20 Dec
Build up your good name

Brand = reputation I firmly believe that business success is all about making a name for yourself, then making sure your name stays remembered as you wish it to be remembered. This is at the very essence of what a brand is all about. In simple...

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