Brand and website launch: More Hotel

  • More Hotel, brand and website launch
  • More Hotel, website launch
  • More Hotel, brand creation
  • More Hotel, brand development
  • More Hotel, website launch

May 17, 2010

Brand development, Brand identity, Business development, Website launch, Workshop
About This Project

A new hotel is born
In 2010, a small property management company owned a historic building in Malmö: the former Mazetti chocolate factory. After carefully remodeling and converting the building into a hotel and restaurant, the hotel chain renting the space and running the business terminated its contract. The owner of the small property management company decided to become a hotel owner and manager. A new independent hotel needed to be born: a brand and website launch was needed.


The challenge:  the new hotel needed a name, website, identity as well as an unique offering and guest services concept that would attract business and private travelers.


More like living at home
The word “more” quickly developed into the core concept for the More Hotel. The value propositions we promised to guests was that they would experience was simple: more space, convenience and affordable everyday living – for daily, weekly, and extended stay accommodations. Guests would enjoy more comfortable space to live and work in whilst residing in studio apartments with a fully equipped kitchenette — instead of the traditional hotel rooms. As well as complimentary Internet and laundry services.


The concept caught on: during the first year of its launch, the More Hotel was fully booked an average of >80% of the time.

My tasks

I was responsible for core brand and communications development work in helping The More Hotel define and express its strategic business concept. This included workshops with the hotel owner and management team members to:

  • Define and express the hotel’s business model, value propositions and communications concept
  • Define brand identity and logotype
  • Implement identity across guest services and promotional material
  • Help launch website and integrate it with the hotel’s booking systems
What the client says

In spring 2010, we needed to establish a name and website based on a good business concept for the hotel. Joe and his team did great job for us. Today, more than five years later, I am absolutely satisfied that we brought in professional help and with the decisions we made.

Peter Dahlqvist
Owner, More Hotel

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