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August 22, 2014

Brand development, Brand identity, Website launch, Workshop
About This Project

Going beyond beta.
Vergic is a rapidly growing company whose cloud-based customer engagement platform is helping ignite Web 3.0. The Vergic Engage Platform allows site owners and customer service agents to engage with each customer, prospect or site visitor — personally, online and in real time.


The brand development and website launch project started when the company was in its early development phase — located in a corporate incubator facility in Malmö. It entailed going beyond their beta version and creating original core messaging, visual identity and a new website — all rooted in a new brand platform.


Makes IT personal with customer engagement
A relatively new technology at the time, Vergic’s brand platform needed to define the company’s vision, mission, core business categories, core values, value propositions and external boilerplate statements. Moreover, its messaging needed to educate and inspire internal, partner and external audiences by clearly outlining how Vergic customer engagement technology benefits customer service, lead generation and sales operations. This meant defining and expressing the potential value of customer engagement technology — while clearly demonstrating what customer engagement is all about. This all needed to be achieved while launching a new website as well as a highly dynamic visual identity program.

My tasks

I developed their:

  • Brand platform elements
    • Key business development goals and desired impacts (i.e.: measures): on marketplace, in own business category, for own technology, etc.
    • Statements and boilerplates for: corporate vision, mission, values, positioning, differentiation factors, value propositions and brand promise
  • Brand identity guide
  • New site structure and content
  • Vergic Engage Technology description platform
  • Sales support material
What the client says

Thanks to Joe’s skills we managed to manifest our business idea and express it using words and a tone-of-voice that connect with our customers.

Stellan Kristiansson
Lead designer, Vergic

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