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October 02, 2014

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About This Project

Accelerating an idea into a business
Here’s how brand identity and core messaging helped transform Sensative from the incubator into a business with clear value propositions and an identity.


In May of 2016 Sensative was awarded Skåne’s startup company of the year by the county’s local newspaper, Sydsvenskan. Back in the fall of 2014, the co-owners of Sensative we just starting off. They shared a big idea — and filed for a patent to protect it. Their idea?


Develop and launch an ultra-thin wireless sensor for monitoring windows and doors. The sensor would be less than 3 mm thin, enabling it to be mounted invisibly in windows and doors and giving consumers greater peace of mind about their home’s security. It would feature open smart home technology that connected to existing offerings from vendors of smart home and home security systems. This would represent an exciting, tangible application for window and door manufactures, add new value into the existing product offerings of home security vendors as well as offer Do-It-Yourself consumers the ability to actively control the integrity of their homes themselves.


The challenge:  realize and launch the idea. Realizing it would require the co-owners to focus on developing their technology, product, gateway and team — as well as such fundamental processes as distribution and manufacturing. Launching it required having a clear brand identity and core messaging to aid sales and marketing efforts.


Smart homes make sense
I led a series of brand definition workshops together with the co-owners of Sensative in which we defined their to-market and business models, brand story and core messaging as well as deliver a brand identity.


Here’s one key must-have when creating a brand: the brand must tell a story that attracts prospective customers and partners. Sensative’s story was rooted in today’s rapidly growing Internet of Things technology sector. With 2014 consumer trend reports indicating that 60% of individuals believed that sensors will be commonplace in their daily lives in the near future, the key brand differentiator for Sensative became clear.


Namely: “Sensative believes in providing people with intelligence, not surrounding them with devices.”


This brand story was supported with a brand promise: “Smart homes make sense” .


And rooted in three brand values:
Open: Open technology and co-creation business approach opens new possibilities for smart home — while their first product provides consumers with peace-of-mind that their home’s  windows are doors are open or closed
Personal: The invisible ultra-thin sensor has no impact on home aesthetics and ensures concealed placement while the user-friendly, intuitive technology delivers simple user interactions — making the user experience extremely personal
Integrity: The Company’s business integrity is its base for excellence in all areas of quality — e.g. product, services, environment, relations, etc. — while its solutions empower people to protect the integrity of their homes, loved ones and the things they value


This story also served as the inspiration for the logo design, designed by our highly talented partner Ulf Pettersson Design. Take a closer look at the icon — you’ll now see how that green dot and V figure form a person connecting to one active device amongst many.

My tasks

I was responsible for the brand identity and core messaging work. This meant helping Sensative co-owners define and formalize their:

  • to-market and business models
  • brand story
  • brand promise
  • core value propositions
  • brand identity and logotype
  • first business cards, which I hand-delivered :o)
What the client says

Two thumbs up! Joe provided us with solid advice and execution in creating our core messaging and brand identity. He quickly helped us tell the Sensative story.

Fredrik Westman
Founder, co-owner & CMO, Sensative

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