Product launch: Ecophon FocusLp

  • Concept brochure, cover
  • Concept brochure, back side (pt. 1)
  • Concept brochure, back side (pt. 2)
  • 24 pg. product portfolio knowledge guide, internal audiences
  • Ambassador's kick-off, product testing
  • Ambassador's kick-off, workshop participant notes
  • Interactive sales guide, internal audiences



Just W


June 11, 2014

Internal alignment, Product launch, Sales support material, Workshop
About This Project

Internal product (re)launch & external sales campaign.
Ecophon is a global leader in acoustic ceiling and room solutions. In 2010 they launched Focus Lp, one of their high-value, high-end design products. Sales over its first three years were less than ideal. But Focus Lp still represented differentiated value that no competitors could match — and unique, innovative and desirable solutions to architects, ceiling contractors and facility managers. And since its original release, Focus Lp was enhanced to offer a range of solutions for both standard and highly innovative, technically demanding ceiling designs with high demands for component integration and/or aesthetic variation.


The challenge: Ecophon needed a strong internal relaunch synched to an external sales campaign in order to aggressively grow leads and sales. The assignment was given to W Communications, who contracted me.


Educate to excite.
The push/pull marketing communications included:

  • Push, step one: qualitative research was performed with customers and prospects led to validate the value proposition and opportunity for Focus Lp. This led a campaign theme of: “Add a clean, linear feeling to any room”.
  • Push, step two: develop clear and comprehensive re-launch knowledge guides and connect them with a strong sales campaign. The internal guides let Ecophon sales and internal teams learn all the facts about:
    • The sales opportunity: goals and potential
    • Product concepts: different solutions, customer value each delivered, product features, etc.
    • Competitive arena: market niche and competition
    • Strategic marketing & communications approach
    • Segmentation, differentiation and positioning
    • Sales campaign: theme and messaging
    • Lead and sales generation approach
    • Marketing communications and sales support materials
  • Push, step three: we brought together all key Ecophon regional and sales staff to an internal ambassadors workshop and kick-off. The two-day, hands-on workshop — which included theoretical and practical training and discussions about the new product concepts and featues as well as the sales campaign — was highly appreciated.
  • Pull: deploy the external campaign. This package included outlines for marketing activities and campaign messaging to use for: personal sales argumentation models; digital, e-mail and direct mail; a concept brochure, etc. as well as for all selected campaign units ready for local adaption.
My tasks

My work included

  • Qualitative research with prospects and customers
  • Concept and creative development of all internal and external communications and units
  • Creating and delivery of  the internal knowledge and sales guides
  • Creating and delivery of the external sales support and marketing communications packages
  • Planning and running the internal Ambassador Day workshop training and kick-off
What the client says

We gave W a challenge: re-energize an existing product range, inspire our internal organisation and help develop material to reach architects and ceiling contractors with refreshed, relevant messaging to increase sales. We’re very pleased with the results and we are now rolling it out across the world.

Per Fegler
Central Marketing, Ecophon

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