Technology launch: ERIEYE AEW&C

  • Erieye AEW&C in flight

October 07, 1997

Content marketing, Direct marketing, Product launch, Sales support material
About This Project

Technology launch of highly advanced airborne early warning and control
Backed by the Swedish government, it took about a decade for Ericsson Microwave Systems (now Saab Electronic Defence Systems) to develop, test and demonstrate effective proof-of-concept of their unique Erieye radar system. Used for airborne early warning and control, ERIEYE’s revolutionary radar sensor technology ushered in far more accurate and cost-effective surveillance. By 1997, it was time to launch the Airborne Early Warning & Control system abroad.


The challenge: launch an entirely new and highly advanced radar sensor technology as part of a complete airborne surveillance and mission control system competing in a conservative marketplace.


Targeting military, border surveillance and air traffic security applications
The focus was securing successful personal sales in convincing foreign government organizations comprised of large purchasing committees (i.e.: politicians, military leaders and technological experts). The messaging was based on clear and win-win propositions and competitive strengths that only their new technologies could deliver: it was a more modern, cost-effective alternative for gaining information superiority. The main channels were range of digital and printed sales support tools, direct mailings, adverts as well as a microsite for ERIEYE.


The result: ERIEYE was ordered by Brazil and Greece.

My tasks

I was part of a team at the former SandbergTrygg agency in Göteborg  that took on the assignment. I was responsible for:

  • Qualitative research of decision criteria and drivers of various prospective purchasing teams members
  • Creative and concept development work
  • Copywriting and delivering integrated communications and sales support material

This entailed everything from internal sales argumentation platforms to external adverts, a concept brochure and a microsite  to create awareness of and interest in ERIEYE as well as press releases and event scripts.

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