This website is under construction


06 Apr This website is under construction

Joe Communications website is undergoing a makeover right now. We are hand-crafting every detail and in the midst of the rebuild. We hope to have our new website ready soon.

This website is under construction

Here’s the short story. The Joe Communications website has suffered from neglect for far too long. Which is ironic: I spend countless hours logged in as an administrator on numerous clients every month. Actually, around 50% of my billing are related to:

  • Website creation and development
  • Feeding those hungry search engine spiders with streams of fresh, high-quality content
  • Delivering inspiring and relevant content to convert unknown visitors to a website into high-quality, sales-qualified prospects
  • Website and online content performance monitoring, analysis and optimization

So just as the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot so too has my own company’s site. But now I have decided to do something about it.

I do not want to be know as a consultant that doesn’t do what he recommends other to do. And doing good work is all that matters.

So while this site is indeed powered by WordPress. It is being 100% hand-crafted by Joe.

I would appreciate any feedback  — send me an email.

About Joe Communications

Joe Communications is an independent b2b brand development and marketing consultancy. Started in 2013, we aim for the strategic and creative sweet spot in syncing intentions, actions and communications. Clients get dedicated senior strategic counsel, inspiring creative and detail-oriented project management for strategy, alignment, concept development, integrated communications as well as content marketing assignments. Joe Communications offers unwavering personal service and full content maintenance support. The consultancy is run by Joe Danielson, a passionate b2b brand builder and happily displaced American based in southern Sweden.

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